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Agency LUCIE – Graphic recording

Graphic recordingfor the Agency LUCIE The LUCIE Agency is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agency that guides organizations towards a sustainable transition. This visual note was created during the annual event of the LUCIE Agency and subsequently shared across its various social media platforms. BACK TO THE PORTFOLIO

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Au Bercail

Visual identity ofAu Bercail Creating the visual identity for ‘Au Bercail’ media: podcast and blog. The challenge: to imagine an identity that reflects Frédérique and Caroline, the two creators of the media. Lucie assisted us with the visual identity of our media, Au Bercail.   We simply loved the interactions, the quality of the deliverables,

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Les Petits Gestes

Visual identity ofLes Petits Gestes Rebranding the visual identity of the Instagram account ‘Les Petits Gestes’ (92K followers) The challenge: redesigning a new, strong visual identity without losing the support of the existing community. ILLUSTRATIONS ON INSTAGRAM FEEDBACKS OF THE COMMUNITY I greatly enjoyed working on the redesign of my visual identity and my seasonal

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Les Petits Gestes – Calendar

Seasonal fruits & vegetables calendarLes Petits Gestes Creation of a calendar for the Instagram account Les Petits Gestes (92K followers). The challenge: illustrating all seasonal fruits and vegetables in the same square format (Instagram posts). PUBLICATIONS SUR INSTAGRAM J’ai beaucoup apprécié travailler sur la refonte de mon identité visuelle et mon calendrier des fruits et

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Visual Enhancement of the visual identity of the platform (public platform that connects volunteers and associations in France). The challenge: starting from the existing logo to build a strong brand identity adaptable to all printed and digital media. Achievements: visual identity, illustrations, displays, communication campaigns, social media animation. COMMUNICATION CAMPAIGNS Diapositive précédente Diapositive suivante PRINTED Read More » – Impact Report

Impact Layout of the 2022 Impact Measurement Document for (public volunteering platform connecting volunteers and associations in France). Impact measurement allows sharing the results of the overall effectiveness of an organization’s actions. The challenge: visually and impactfully present the data and study results. The document is available for download here. DOCUMENT INTÉGRAL BACK – Impact Report Read More »

Marketing Flow

Guide to a Sustainable Marketingby Marketing Flow Creation of the infographic for a Sustainable Marketing written by more than 30 members of the Marketing Flow community. The challenge: to visually and impactfully summarize a guide of over 12,000 words.   The infographic is available for download here. GRAPHIC ELEMENTS INFOGRAPHIC IN 4 PIECES LINKEDIN POSTS

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