Studio Lusse

In the face of the climate emergency...

… I am convinced that it is necessary to highlight solutions that offer alternatives for tomorrow.

I believe in the power of images and visuals to stage, encourage change, and mobilize around ecological and societal issues….

I am Lucie Sevaistre

A designer by training, I have over seven years of experience in graphic design, brand development, packaging, and product design. I have worked within startups, design agencies, and a large retail group.

Committed and sensitive to issues related to the environment and biodiversity, I decided to create Studio Lusse in 2021 to use my skills for projects actively contributing to environmental transition and favoring a moderate, responsible, sustainable, and local consumption.

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Ce qui me passionne :

Urban sketcher !

Do you know about the Urban Sketchers group? Since 2014, I have been a member of this global community of on-location sketchers. I no longer travel without drawing!

Always ready for:

A mountain hike

Traveling and discovering new cultures

Participating in a climate march

Trying out new mediums: engraving, sewing, ceramics…

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